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Options? Real-time CSV? Custom reports? Email alerts?
Enjoy high-quality, reasonably-priced Form 4 services designed for lawyers, investors, consultants, and others:
- Real-time CSV data feed (updated every minute)
- Real-time Email Alerts
- Purchases, Sales, Option Grants
- Section 16b short swing profits
- transactions or matched trades with specific criteria
- derivatives including debentures, notes, put/call options, warrants, restricted/phantom stock, and more
- market, sector, or industry reports
- your specific requirements

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AAmended filing
DDerivative transaction in filing (usually option exercise)
EError detected in filing
MMultiple transactions in filing; earliest reported transaction date and weighted average transaction price
S - SaleSale of securities on an exchange or to another person
S - Sale+OESale of securities on an exchange or to another person (after option exercise)
F - TaxPayment of exercise price or tax liability using portion of securities received from the company
P - PurchasePurchase of securities on an exchange or from another person
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