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Jul 24 2014
QDELQuidel Corp /de/Bryant Douglas CPresident, CEO20,000Purchase at $24.12$482,310
MJul 25 2014
OPKOpko Health, Inc.Frost Phillip Md Et AlCEO, Chairman, 10% Owner36,000Purchase at $9.01$324,521
Oct 9 2012
TIKTel Instrument Electronics CorpOhara Jeffrey CPresident, CEO55,556Purchase at $3.60$200,002
Jul 23 2014
LJPCLa Jolla Pharmaceutical CoTidmarsh George FPresident, CEO, Secretary, 10% Owner19,000Purchase at $10.50$199,500
Jul 22 2014
SFNCSimmons First National CorpMakris George JrChairman, CEO5,000Purchase at $38.88$194,400
Jul 25 2014
HAFCHanmi Financial CorpKum Chong GukPresident, CEO8,750Purchase at $20.95$183,313
Jul 28 2014
FISIFinancial Institutions IncBirmingham Martin KearneyPresident, CEO5,000Purchase at $22.51$112,550
Jul 22 2014
BHBKBlue Hills Bancorp, Inc.Parent William MCEO, President9,000Purchase at $12.32$110,923
Jul 23 2014
XUIIXumanii International Holdings CorpRadly Adam E181,600,227Purchase at $0.00$108,960
Jul 25 2014
WIBCWilshire Bancorp IncYoo Jae WhanCEO11,000Purchase at $9.56$105,149
Jul 23 2014
TUBETubemogul IncWilson BrettPresident, CEO, Director15,000Purchase at $7.00$105,000
MJul 23 2014
OPKOpko Health, Inc.Frost Phillip Md Et AlCEO, Chairman, 10% Owner10,000Purchase at $8.90$88,997
MJul 28 2014
BHLBBerkshire Hills Bancorp IncDaly Michael PPresident, CEO1,065Purchase at $23.51$25,038
Jul 23 2014
CENCenter Coast Mlp & Infrastructure FundTutcher Dan CPresident, CEO1,000Purchase at $19.36$19,360
Jul 22 2014
PWPower ReitLesser David HChairman, CEO, 10% Owner800Purchase at $9.10$7,280
Jul 25 2014
PKBKParke Bancorp, Inc.Pantilione Vito SPresident, CEO500Purchase at $11.45$5,725
Jul 25 2014
GRBSGreer Bancshares IncBurdette George Wrigley JrCEO, President270Purchase at $7.00$1,890
Jul 21 2014
EJMLLFantex, Inc.French CornellCEO164Purchase at $10.00$1,640
Jul 23 2014
PICOPico Holdings Inc /newHart John RPresident, CEO65Purchase at $22.54$1,475
MJul 21 2014
CMGOCmg Holdings Group, Inc.Laken Glenn BCEO, 10% Owner60,000Purchase at $0.02$1,145

A Amended filing (a previous filing had an error)
D Derivative transaction exists (usually option exercise)
M Multiple transactions summarized; earliest reported transaction date and weighted average transaction price
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S - SaleSale of securities on an exchange or to another person
S - Sale on exerciseSale of securities on an exchange or to another person (after option exercise)
F - OptEx/tax paymentPayment of exercise price or tax liability using portion of securities received from the company
P - PurchasePurchase of securities on an exchange or from another person