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Oct 7 2015
LBL Brands, Inc.Turney Sharen JCEO, P VS Megabrand Int App Gr107,801Sale on exercise at $95.00$10,241,095
MSep 18 2015
ACEAce LtdGreenberg Evan GChairman, CEO83,652Sale at $99.96$8,362,228
MOct 7 2015
EEFTEuronet Worldwide IncBrown Michael JCEO, President of EWI Inc.52,750Sale at $75.07$3,960,137
MOct 7 2015
ONCESpark Therapeutics, Inc.Marrazzo Jeffrey DCEO75,000Sale at $47.82$3,586,427
MOct 7 2015
ROSTRoss Stores IncRentler BarbaraCEO42,574Sale at $48.26$2,054,467
MOct 7 2015
ZAYOZayo Group Holdings, Inc.Caruso DanielCEO79,302Sale at $24.73$1,960,827
Oct 7 2015
CIVICivitas Solutions, Inc.Nardella Bruce F.President, CEO82,247Sale at $21.50$1,768,311
MOct 8 2015
UTHRUnited Therapeutics CorpRothblatt Martine AChairman, Co-CEO9,662Sale on exercise at $122.48$1,183,420
MOct 7 2015
RKUSRuckus Wireless IncLo Selina YPresident, CEO83,400Sale at $13.17$1,098,274
MOct 7 2015
XLRNAcceleron Pharma IncKnopf John LCEO, President19,000Sale on exercise at $24.38$463,288
Oct 8 2015
DCOMDime Community Bancshares IncPalagiano Vincent FChairman, CEO24,500Sale on exercise at $17.50$428,775
MOct 7 2015
PAHCPhibro Animal Health CorpBendheim JackPresident, CEO, 10% Owner12,000Sale on exercise at $30.64$367,680
Oct 5 2015
SFBSServisfirst Bancshares, Inc.Kattos Andrew NEVP, Regional CEO5,400Sale at $40.00$216,000
Oct 8 2015
TUBETubemogul IncWilson BrettPresident, CEO, Director15,000Sale at $13.00$195,000
Oct 1 2015
SFBSServisfirst Bancshares, Inc.Kattos Andrew NEVP, Regional CEO3,600Sale at $40.37$145,321
Oct 8 2015
ENSGEnsign Group, IncChristensen Christopher R.President, CEO2,200Sale at $40.57$89,255
A Amended filing (a previous filing had an error)
D Derivative transaction exists (usually option exercise)
M Multiple insider transactions summarized; earliest reported transaction date and weighted average transaction price
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S - SaleSale of securities on an exchange or to another person
S - Sale on exerciseSale of securities on an exchange or to another person (after option exercise)
F - OptEx/tax paymentPayment of exercise price or tax liability using portion of securities received from the company
P - PurchasePurchase of securities on an exchange or from another person